Everlife Networks(AS131171) has a open peering policy. We send and recieve routes via route server in any participating internet exchange. We also allowed private peering.


We accept peering from any IPv6 allowed network. To make sure the safety of the internet, we require some easy requirements for peering:

  • PeeringDB Page of your ASN
  • RPKI of your routes
  • Contact Email

  • Methods

    We allowed to exchange routes through following methods:

  • by Route Server
  • by IX Interconnect
  • by Remote Tunnel(not recommended)

  • Locations

    We could peer at following locations:

  • Frankfurt, DE(IX, Tunnel)
  • Taipei, TW(IX, Tunnel)
  • New Territories, HK(Tunnel)
  • CA, US(IX, Tunnel)
  • Luxemburg, LU(Tunnel)

  • Available ASN

    We always use AS131171 to exchange the routes. AS209988 is for private use in most senses.


    Please mail to [email protected] to discuss the details of peering.


    For more information, please visit our PeeringDB Page.